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Cheerleading is an active, fun sport that includes members from grades 9-12 on the same team.  Cheerleading builds fitness, leadership, enthusiasm, self-esteem, and dedication.   
In the fall, activities include participation in the Niagara Wine Festival Parade, cheering at football games, and learning the skills that will be performed for the rest of the year at competitions.  
Once football season ends, competition season begins.  Our team travels to    spectacular venues across the province, participating in events at the regional,   provincial and national level.  
Competitions in the 2016-2017 Season:
Cheer for the Cure - December 3-4 - Oshawa, ON

Winterfest - January 28th - Meridian Centre, St. Catharines

Cheer Evolution Provincials  -  February 24-26 weekend in Kitchener 

Cheer Evolution Nationals - April 7-8 weekend in Niagara Falls
Tryouts are at the end of May for the summer team and the beginning of September for the school year team.  
The summer team is a fun team that practices once every two weeks.    Participating in the summer team allows students to learn skills and gain confidence for tryouts in September.  It is also an opportunity to meet friends that will help with the transition into grade nine.
Students entering grade nine are invited to attend tryouts in May and to join the Summer Team.  Keep an eye out at your school or on the Governor Simcoe website in early May for information!

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