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2021 Summer School Information

What are the expectations for students?

There is a strict expectation for students to be available and engaged in the learning for all days of their chosen session(s). Please do not register if you are planning holidays, vacations, or employment commitments outside of Co-op placements. 

It will be the responsibility of each student and their family to assure students are available for each day of learning whether they are in-person or online with appropriate internet access.  

Avoid registering for eLearning courses if you cannot assure you will be able to access the internet. (i.e. travelling to a cottage, out of the country or to another inaccessible location). 

Signing up for summer school is a commitment. Students and their families are responsible to meet the time requirements and work through the learning tasks to earn the credit for their chosen courses.  

How will classes be delivered?

The DSBN hopes to offer In-Person learning (if approved by the Medical Officer of Health) AND eLearning. 

Both delivery methods are Monday-Friday and will require a commitment of 6 hours of engagement each day. 

Students should not expect they can transfer between the two delivery methods (eLearning / In-Person) once classes begin.

In-Person Learning will be held at A.N. Myer Secondary School and Sir Winston Secondary School.  Transportation will be provided if you are deemed eligible by your address.

What are the dates and times of Summer School for NEW CREDITS?

July Session - July 1 to July 27          August Session - July 28 to August 23
6 Hours of engagement per day.
6 Hours of engagement per day.
In Person - 8:30 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.   In Person Not Offered

What other Summer School programs are offered?

Boot Camp

This program is designed to improve achievement in a course you have passed. You can improve a grade in this program IF you have earned at least a 50%. 

Learning tasks will include critical expectations to make you better prepared moving forward. 

Each class you request to take in Boot Camp will occupy two weeks of your time this summer, 6 hours per day.  You can upgrade 2 courses in July and 2 courses in August.

You must check with the Admissions office of the post-secondary institution that you have applied to for approval to use these revised marks for admission or scholarship purposes. This is the responsibility of the student.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education will be offered 2 different ways this summer.

1-Credit Coop

Students will only complete work in a classroom setting.  They will not go to work at a community placement.

2-Credit Coop

Student will earn credits by working at a community placement, as well as completing classroom assignments.

What courses are offered at Summer School?

To see a full list of courses, please click here:  Summer School New Credit Course Offerings - Google Docs

How do I register for Summer School?

Once you have decided to commit to summer school course(s), you will need to email Mr. Tope (tim.tope@dsbn.org) and clearly provide the following information:

  1. Name of Course you would like to take in Summer School (include the name of the course and the course code - Eg. ENG2D1 (English-Academic-Grade 10))
  2. Which method of learning you would like – In-Person or eLearning *If choosing In-Person please indicate whether or not you would like to automatically be enrolled in eLearning should in-person learning be cancelled.
  3. Which session you would like – July or August
  4. If you are hoping to take courses in July and August, please repeat the above steps for both sessions. Understand that you may not be able to choose which course you take in which session.

How will I know I am registered?

You will receive an email from PRISM:Ontario ELearning Consortium indicating that you have been REGISTERED or WAITLISTED for your selections. Please note that this email may not be sent to you immediately.

What will happen to my courses for next year?

Guidance will receive a Summer School report in late August.  If you have chosen a course that you successfully achieved in Summer School, we will substitute your alternative course that you chose in Career Cruising.  If there is a timetabling conflict, we will notify you immediately so that you are able to speak with a Counsellor and make changes to your September timetable.