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How We Communicate

As we find our way in these challenging times Guidance will be communicating with our students in a few different ways.  Please note: We are unable to offer in-person appointments at this time.

  1. For individual inquiries we will be emailing students directly to their DSBN student email accounts.  Please feel free to include your cell number if you would like to chat. 

  2. Follow us on twitter @SimcoeGuidance for updates on: post-secondary opportunities, scholarships, opportunities for Governor Simcoe students outside of our walls, and many other relevant Guidance related topics.  If you are not on twitter you can view our feed here - @SimcoeGuidance Twitter Feed

  3. Grade 12 Students and their parents/guardians will receive information directly to their email from our Student Information Management System.  Hand-outs, timelines, relevant information, and videos will be posted there.

  4. Google Classroom for Grade 12 students - Students are welcome to join our google classroom. Information posted in the classroom will be the same as the information emailed directly to students and parents.  We may direct you to the classroom to complete forms and will email you when we want you to visit.  The classroom provides an archived spot where students can look back at information sent to them through the “Stream”.  

  5. Grades 9, 10, and 11, we also can communicate with you and your parents through our Student Management Information System.  Students must always check their DSBN email accounts.

  6. Visit the Guidance Event Calendar on our Guidance drop down - Guidance Event Calendar

We look forward to working with each of our students!