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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How do I make a guidance appointment?

Right now the Guidance Office is not accepting in-person meetings.  You may email counsellors directly - Beth.Atack@dsbn.org or Tim.Tope@dsbn.org.  Questions regarding Hour Republic, and U.S. Admissions and PSAT testing should be directed to Mr. Tope.

2 - What if myself or my friend has a problem and needs to talk to someone right away?


3 - How do I drop or change a class?

With Covid restrictions it is very difficult to change a class.  Each situation is treated individually based on grade level, academic progress, attendance, and teacher and parent input.  Senior students please see the link for Student Transcripts - Full Disclosure. Grades 9 & 12 students please contact Tim Tope - tim.tope@dsbn.org and Grades 10-11 contact Beth Atack - beth.atack@dsbn.org

4 - How do I get a copy of my Ontario Student Transcript?

If you have left Governor Simcoe within the past 5 years call the Guidance Secretary at Simcoe and allow 5 days for processing (905) 934-4006. If you left Simcoe more than 5 years ago please contact the District School Board of Niagara and ask to speak with Transcript Services (905) 641-1550.

5 - How do I make an appointment with any of the support staff?

You will be able to book a virtual or phone session; our social worker and school nurse are not doing in-person meetings right now. You may email our school social worker at  isaac.virag@dsbn.org.  Our school nurse is Joanne.  You can reach Joanne by phone at 905-321-2476