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Welcome The Governor Simcoe Arts Council!

by John Paul Cote | Sep 23, 2016

Arts council
After much deliberation, Mr. Grant, Mrs. Risko and Mrs. Stickney are proud to announce the names of the inaugural (2016 / 2017) Governor Simcoe Redcoat Arts Council. 

Taylor Campeau
Jaemy Sayavong
Elisa Davis
Ava Danz
Michell Epp
Jocelyn Black 
Rebecca Balyk
Devon Copeland
Declan Platakis 
Rachel Sheehan 
Kahlan Woodhouse  
Tracy You
Rosie Krasichynski 
Mackenzie Cowdrey 
Rosie Lawless
Katie Van Tuyl 
Zak Allen 
Mackenzie Morningstar

*  To all 
aforementioned students -  please email Mr. Grant (michael.grant@dsbn.org) on or before June 30th to provide him with your t-shirt size. Furthermore, please be free on September 1st for the Simcoe Grade 9 Barbeque - details T.B.A.