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by John Paul Cote | Sep 23, 2016

MindfulnessLast week Miss Gerbes and Ms. Peck's Senior Social Science classes participated in a Mindfulness Education workshop lead by Jacqueline Oscvirk.  Ms. Oscvirk lead the classes through four different types of meditation and visualization.  Meditation and mindfulness is a great way for anyone to learn to relax, control the mind, oxygenate the blood, and focus.  In highschools today it seems that the number of students experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression is increasing at an alarming rate.  Taking some time each day to meditate can actually help regenerate grey matter in the brain.  Grey matter is, in part, responsible for muscle control, memory, emotions, decision making, and self control; things that we could all benefit from improving!  With exams quickly approaching the timing of Ms. Oscvirk's visit couldn't have been better.