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Open Mic

Please join Mr. Hartley every Friday at lunch in the Simcoe Library.

 A big fan of the open-mic experience, Mr. Hartley loves the atmosphere and inclusion an open-mic can bring. He believes that performing allows students to learn more about themselves and their abilities. Students who participate regularly often develop strong dedication, bravery, and confidence which are useful character traits in all walks of life. The trademark of an open-mic is that it allows anyone to perform almost anything in front of a supportive audience.

 In between performances, donations are also accepted to one of our school’s biggest resources: the library. These donations are completely optional, and will be going to the purchase and maintenance of library furniture, books, and computers. 

 Near the end of the school year, there may also be plans for a “Best Of” showcase with performances from the students that participated often, were dedicated, and had fun while doing it.