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APC & SAL Co-op Pre-Placement 

Resume & Cover Letter Samples

You must prepare a resume and cover letter and provide a copy to your cooperative education teacher prior to your interview. You can print and bring in a copy to the school or you can email a copy to your teacher.

Confidentiality In The Workplace

Confidentiality is critical in all workplaces. Watch the video link below and then email your cooperative education teacher providing a summary of your thoughts from viewing the video and comment on examples of information at your placement that would need to be kept confidential. 

Click here to watch video

DSBN Safety Training and Testing
 You must successfully demonstrate your understanding of the board safety training by achieving 80% or higher on the test modules.

          1. Go to www.dsbn.org and select the Student option.
          2. Log on using your school log in username and password.
          3. You will need to complete all 7 modules.

Workplace Safety:

It is everyone's job to prevent injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Click on the link below to view the safety video.

Click here to start the workplace safety video

Specialized Workplace Safety Videos:

Once you have confirmed a placement, Click on the link below to find safety videos for your workplace from the Ministry of Labour. 

Ministry of Labour Safety Videos


Click here to watch video